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    Cameron was a pretty average boy. He played soccer, watched anime, and got decent grades in school. He lived in a suburb with his parents and big sister, and even had a nice group of friends. On the surface, Cameron seemed to almost have a perfect life.

    Well… that changed.

NOVEMBER 17th, 2013

                “Cameron! What the hell are you doing?!”

                Cameron jumped. He hadn’t heard his big sister open the door.

                “S-s-sis!” he shouted, surprised.

                The young boy had been wearing one of his sister’s shirts and a bra. He seemed to have been checking himself out in the mirror attached to his closet door.

                His sister gaped at him. “Is that… are those… my clothes?”

                “Uh, uh,” Cameron stuttered. “Well, I just wanted to try them on, that’s all! I’m really sorry, please don’t tell Mom and Da-”

                Before he could finish, Sarah had walked up to him. Then, to Cameron’s shock, she hugged him.

                “Oh, yay!” Sarah said happily. “This means I can dress you up and stuff, right? I mean, you like girly stuff, correct? Do you just want to wear the clothes or do you want to become a girl?”

                Michael poked his fingers together. “Uhm, it isn’t like that… I mean, I want to, but I also HAVE to…”

                Sarah tilted her head in confusion. “What do you mean? No one is forcing you to dress like a girl, are they?”

                Cameron shook his head. Instead, he sighed, and lifted up his shirt. There, on his chest, were two small, developing female breasts. He pulled his shirt down.

                Sarah looked at him in shock. “What? You’re a boy… this shouldn’t happen!”

                “I know… I know…” Cameron collapsed onto his sisters bed. “But I woke up this morning and there they were. I have no idea how it happened, but I can only think of one explanation.”

                “Which is?!”


                Sarah continued to look at him in shock. “Magic isn’t real, you dimwit!”

                “But… But I wished for it last night. I always do, before bed. I wished that I could be a girl. And there was a shooting star, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. And now… It’s happening. And I don’t know what to do.”


DECEMBER 25th, 2013

                “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Cameron’s father was shouting.

                Cameron rolled out of bed awkwardly. He could smell the scent of fresh bread being baked by his mom, and the bitterness of the coffee that his father would be drinking. Out in the hallway, he could hear his sister lazily dragging her feet to the stairs where they would converge and tear open their presents.

                This was a special Christmas, because it was the last Christmas they would all be living together for. Sarah was a high school Senior, and had plans to go to college next year. And while hopefully she would return for the Holidays, it just wouldn’t be the same.

                Cameron took his time in leaving his room, yawning. Christmas just didn’t excite him. His parents always bought him ‘boy’ things, like action figures or toy cars or more soccer stuff. He hated soccer. He only did it to make his parents happy.

                Cameron eventually made it to the living room, where he saw his yearly loot laid out before him. He greeted everyone, and politely smiled. He always gave off a fake smile, even though he was depressed on the inside. He didn’t want to tell anyone his secret. It scared him too much.

                Finally, his father and mother handed him his three presents. Camerom ripped into it, hoping for something he could use. But what he found was even better. IT was something he actually wanted.

                “What is…” his voice trailed off. It was a makeup bag. And a pink one at that. He opened his other two presents, too. It was makeup. Lots of makeup. And the third contained a dress.

                His parents smiled at him. “Your sister told us everything,” said Cameron’s mother, smiling. “And we will support you however we can. You’re our child, after all.”

                And just like that, Cameron collapsed on his knees, and cried. Finally, he thought. I can be me.


JULY 14th, 2014


                Camille happily strolled down the street. Her dress and long purple hair suited her perfectly now. Her breasts had developed to a B-cup, her hips were beginning to flare out, and her ‘male bit’ was shrinking, though not completely gone.

                She noticed some boys over on the lawn she was passing by snickering. “Hey look, it’s that freaky she-boy! What’re you doing here, loser?”

                “Oh, nothing~” Camille said charmingly. “Just passing through, boys!”

                All of the boys immediately felt the heat go to their faces. Damn, she’s really cute, one of them thought. Hard to believe she used to be a boy.

                Camille simply giggled to herself. After she had begun dressing as a girl after Christmas, she realized that she was really cute. And soon enough, she realized that good looks were a big helper when dealing with bullies, or anyone for that matter. Most boys were wrapped around her fingers without them even realizing it. She was being herself, and it felt wonderful.


JANUARY 30th, 2015


                Camille lay on her bed, looking through her makeup. She was now completely a girl. And perhaps, not one with the best character. The changes had changed the way Camille thought, too. She loved jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, being popular, and having control over all of the men she came across. She only left the house when she look absolutely perfect; that meant at least an hour of making herself look good every morning.

                All that mattered were looks, right? She loved the attention it got her. Being a girl was so wonderful to her. All of these things she could get away with now she adored. To some, she was an absolute bitch. But to others, a symbol of perfection.

                “God, I look, like, so cute today!” She smiled to herself, applying a pink lipstick. “I mean, I am perfect, after all!” Camille giggled.


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