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RWBY TG Anthology - 3 - When It Falls
Maybe… Maybe it wasn’t worth it after all…
Derrick’s hands were in his face, his eyes shut tight. It could be a dream. Yeah, that was it. A dream. There was no way one man could lose so much in one day… was there?
Derrick slowly looked up, his amber eyes meeting the blonde boy’s lilac ones.
“Would you like something to drink? We have quite the menu, we have-”
“A bottle of your most expensive whisky.”
The waiter paused, then nodded. “Right away.”
Derrick sighed as the young employee turned his back toward the kitchen. He thought back to being that young, when he had just started working through the ranks.
Back in those days, everything had been alright. Landing a job at the prestigious Rhodopis Corporation at the young age of 22 had truly been an honor; and for the next decade and a half, Derrick would climb his way up the ladder until he was at the very,
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RWBY TG Anthology - 2 - I Burn
Jingle, jingle.
The door to the shop opened on that rainy morning, and Jasmine heard the downpour for a few seconds before it was muffled out again by the closed entrance. She looked up from her book, half-expecting to see a certain Ruby Rose lookalike come barging in, but it wasn’t. It was a woman with long black hair and a purple hoodie. Her hair was soaked, but Jasmine wasn’t thinking about that. The first thing she noticed were the eyes. Those angry, livid eyes.
The woman stalked up to Jasmine, and Jasmine began her friendly welcome. “Hi, thanks for stopping by Heroes & Tailors, how can-”
But Jasmine was cut off by the black-haired woman grabbing her by the collar. “What the hell did you do?!”
“My friend, Robin woke up… different, all because of you!” The woman was on the verge of screaming. “Do you have any idea what he’s going through?”
Jasmine sighed. “I see. You’re a fr
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RWBY TG Anthology - 1 - Red Like Roses
The scythe was absolutely beautiful.
Robin stood in disbelief outside the of the storefront window, looking at the brilliant craftsmanship. It was of a red and black color scheme, with a curved blade protruding from the top. Not only that, but the staff part of the weapon seemed to be some sort of long gun; a sniper rifle, perhaps? Whatever it was, Robin loved it, noting that it must have been about 7 feet long, at least.
The store Robin had stumbled upon, Heroes & Tailors, was most definitely a cosplay shop. He could tell, not only by the name, but also the goodies that seemed to be neatly placed in the window for all who passed by to see. Along with the scythe was an incredibly well-crafted Wolverine costume along with very sleek-looking claws that seemed to brag the ability to retract into a glove, a Legolas outfit that almost seemed like it had jumped out a Lord of the Rings DVD and into the real world, and a valuable-looking set of fake twin pistols that looked as if they belonged
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TG Short Story: The 'Perfect' Life
    Cameron was a pretty average boy. He played soccer, watched anime, and got decent grades in school. He lived in a suburb with his parents and big sister, and even had a nice group of friends. On the surface, Cameron seemed to almost have a perfect life.
    Well… that changed.
NOVEMBER 17th, 2013
                “Cameron! What the hell are you doing?!”
                Cameron jumped. He hadn’t heard his big sister open the door.
                “S-s-sis!” he shouted, surprised.
                The young boy had been wearing one of his sister’s shirts and a bra. He seemed to have been checking himself out in
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TG Short Story: The Wrong Spell
Michael and Nate didn’t always get along. Sure, they were friends; but friends fight, and sometimes those fights go on for a long time.
                Mikasa saw this happen a lot. She was best friends with the duo, and all three of them had known each other since the second grade.
    She knew that Michael was a hot head. He enjoyed arguing, and hated losing. He also worked out and was on the football team, a true jock. But, he never left Miki and Nate behind, even though he was a ‘popular kid’. The two of them were nerdier than he was, but he felt almost compelled to use his superior strength to protect them from the bullies that roamed the halls of their high school.
                And Nate was a sweet boy. He may not have been strong, but he was kind and intelligent. Which was odd, because he fa
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United States
Hi! I write stuff! Mostly TG's, because gender swapping fascinates me! That isn't all I write, though, but I'm not sure if I will be posting it here or not.

So yeah!

The title says it all.

I literally don't have even an inkling of an idea of where the The Forest City Saga is even going next. In fact, I shouldn't even call it that yet; it's just RWBY characters so far.

So, here's the thing; I feel like it's finally time to introduce a character from a franchise that isn't RWBY, in the first spin-off story. The problem is, I have no clue what franchise to pick from, let alone what character. I have ideas, like throwing in a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character, maybe a Persona character, even a Bleach character? (Maybe?) But I really don't know.

I go back and forth on this; and essentially, it all comes down to what characters people want to see the most. So I leave it to you, the readers:

What character do you want to live in Forest City? Just about every character is valid, with the exception of a handful of characters. At the same time, I'm going to put 50 or so possible characters that could work into Random Thing Picker, and just roll with whatever character pops up.

So I think this is basically going to be how this works; the characters will be chosen either by A. the readership or B. a random generator, because I am extremely indecisive.

And also, I know that I can continue the RWBY series (and I definitely will), but I feel like this interlude is needed to rejuvenate my writer senses before I tackle Blake, who will be next, I think.

So that about wraps all this stuff up. Let's write this thing together!



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Ddayboi Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016
Hey just curious but are you still continuing the RWBY tgs?
TheErzaComplex Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry this reply is so late!

Yes, I'm actually continuing in the next few days, though not every TG will be RWBY related.
TGvocals Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Do you plan to come back yet?
brad123 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016
you still exist please still exist
TheErzaComplex Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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YumonStudios Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
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TheErzaComplex Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sure do! Let me know in a note if you want to request something!
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